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Graphics Mode

3D Model Pic

The 3 dots allows you to select one of the graphic modes for viewing; None, AltAz, RaDec, or 3D.

3D Mode – There is also a Tab item in Options to turn on/off a separate 3D model control.  Within the settings on the 3D Tab you can select which 3D model to use. Right mouse click on the model to use the following shortcuts…

  • Pan – Shift W, A, S, D or Shift Arrow keys or Mouse wheel click and hold.
  • Pitch, Yaw – Right mouse click and hold and move
  • Zoom – Shift Page Up, Page Down or Mouse wheel

Top right buttons opens a separate or new window and resets the position of the 3D to its default.

Warning – Some computers may not be able to display or render the 3D model correctly due to hardware or system limitations.  Please check under the Options tab for the Render Capabilities number.  Anything less than 2 maybe have these issues so use one of the alternative modes.

Alt AZ Gauges

Alt shows the elevation and will switch sides depending on E/W orientation. Az points north at 90 degrees and 180 degrees for southern hemisphere.

RA Dec Gauges

Ra/Dec: The Optics checkbox will flip the RA axis 180 degrees. View the RA axis as either the counterweight pointing down or the upward direction of the axis to the sky.

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