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GoTo Control

Goto pic

Copy Button – Copies the current mount coordinates into the dropdown boxes.

GoTo Button – Tells the mount to move to the position defined in the dropdown boxes.

Sync Button – Takes the position entered and reset the mount to that location.  Any syncs larger than 45 degrees in either direction from the current position will not be accepted.

Import Button – Select a .fit file to open and copies the RA and Dec from the .fit file into the dropdown boxes.  This could be used as a manual plate solve where a plate solver validated the pointing location then you can load those coordinates from the image file.

Backlash Compensate

Used when guiding to account for slack within the axis gearing.  If you are using the PHD backlash Compensate then there is no need to adjust this setting, leave the settings at 0.   Review the video “Dec Backlash Adjustment” for help.

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