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GS Server

GSServer pic

GS Server (GSS) is an ASCOM compliant middleware know as a local server or hub.  It’s designed to allow other applications to access your telescope’s mount in a practical and systematic way.

GS Server includes ASCOM telescope driver support using the SkyWatcher Protocol for Synta mounts: EQ8, EQ8R, HDX110, AZ-EQ5GT, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G, AZ-EQ6GT, Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, EQ6-R PRO, NEQ6, HEQ5, EQ5, EQ4, AzGTi.  It’s also comes with a built in simulator so you can practice sessions without being connected to the mount.

GSS Computer Hookup
GSS Computer Hookup

Your mount should already be connected to the computer using the preferred method which is the EQ Direct approach or the USB port for newer models.  Specific EQ Direct cable for this approach can be found on the internet.  One popular site is http://www.store.shoestringastronomy.com.


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