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Bottom Status Bar

Bottom Status Bar – shows when the mount in the Home, Park, and Slewing positions or state.

Mount Info – is lit green when the mount is connected with a serial connection. Click for additional mount information.


Monitor – Status of the internal Monitor.   Will be list green when active.  See the Settings Control for more information about the Monitor.

Error Alert

Errors Alert – Will turn red if an error is logged.   This can be reset by clicking on it. 

Warning Alter

Warnings Alert – Will turn yellow if a warning is logged.   This can be reset by clicking on it.  Warnings can be caused by a variety of reasons from serial connections to the driver being asked for non-valid information.  Check the session log for specific warning messages.

Tracking Rates

Tracking Rate – one of the 4 icons will be displayed representing the selected tracking rate.  Sidereal, Lunar, Solar, or King.

Side of Pier

Side of Pier – Normal (pierEast) where the mechanical Dec is in the range -90 deg to +90 deg.  Beyond the pole (pierWest) Where the mechanical Dec is in the range -180 deg to -90 deg or +90 deg to +180 deg.

Axis limits

Axis Limits – is yellow when one or more of the axes reaches a limit such as passing too far past the meridian.  Warning – Axis limits will not stop the mount from moving and simply displays a warning light.   It is up to the user to see that the mount is not damaged. Click the icon and you will be presented with a few options.

  • Nothing – The mount will take no specific action
  • Turn off Tracking – Tracking will stop
  • Park – Mount will slew to the set park position.
Status lights

Status Lights – Parked, Home, Slewing, and Tracking are Items that are highlighted when active

Connection button

Mount connection button.  When connected Disconnect will be displayed.  When disconnected Connect will be displayed.  When connecting any errors will be logged and shown in a popup window.

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