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Button Control

Park Positions – List of available positions for parking.  The default is two listings ‘Default’ and ‘Home’.  Home is same position as the Home button.  Default is a copy of the park position from previous versions of GS.   If you never set the previous version park position then Default will be set to the home position.  Any applications requesting GS to park the mount uses the selected position at the time of the request.  Adding and removing positions is done in the settings area of the Main tab.

Park Button – move the mount to the defined park position defined within the setup settings.  If mount is current slewing the button will stop the mount.  Click again and the mount will park to the position in the dropdown.

Home Button– moves the mount to the initial home position which is typically counter weight down and the dec axis pointing to the pole. If mount is current slewing the button will stop the mount. Click again and the mount will move home.

Stop Button– Stops mount movement

Tracking Button – turn on or off the selected tracking rate to use.  Will be automatically applied after a slew or goto.

ReSync– Resets the mount axes encoder positions to either the home position or a preset park position. The home position is defined as Dec is pointing to the pole and Ra with the counter weights down. When resyncing with a park position make sure the mount is turned on, connected, and in the desired park position.  If not in the correct position, manually move the mount to the desired position and ReSync with that park position.  For encoder accuracy be sure the manual position is as close to the park position as possible.

Flip SOP Button – moves the mount to the opposite side of the pier.  Works in both directions.

AutoHome Button – If your mount is equipped with auto home sensors then this button will assist in recovering the mount starting up in a position that is not recognized as a park or home position.  This would be helpful if the mount loses power and is then powered on and the axis positions are unknown.  Autohome will attempt to find each axis home sensor.  It does this by moving each axis 5 degrees at a time towards the sensor for a maximum of 100 degrees.  If it did not find the home sensor it will tell you at the end of the process.  Once finished you will have the option to run it again for another 100 degrees search.  If you’re using a side saddle you can enter an offset that will move the mount +90 or –90 degrees after home is found auto home is complete.  WARNING – If you slew greater than +180deg from home and loose power, when doing the auto home, instead of slewing in a negative direction to get back it will slew in a Positive direction and possibly twist or bind existing cables.  It’s recommended to monitor the mount at all times while doing an autohome.

Scheduler Button – Allows a park to be scheduled at a future date and time.  When checked it uses the currently selected Park Position and the button will display “On” until the event is completed.  It’s the user responsibility to ensure no other software is interfering or working the mount at the time the event is scheduled to run.  This option is reset when GS server restarts.

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