Green Swamp Server Releases

Latest Release:  Download GS Server v1.0.6.5 Released 30 Dec 2023

Latest Release:  Download GS Server v1.0.5.7 Released 22 Apr 2023

Previous Release:  Download GS Server v1.0.4.6 Released 1 May 2022

Previous Release:  Download GS Server v1.0.4.1 Released 24 Feb 2022

Green Swamp Server Betas

Latest GSS Beta downloads can be found at

Point3D Releases

Latest Release:  Download GS Point3D v1.0.2  Released 15 Sept 2021

Previous Release:  Download GS Point3D v1.0.1  Released  31 Jan 2021

What is it?

Green Swamp Server (GSS) is a driver for ASCOM telescope support and the Synta Protocol. It supports the SkyWatcher and Orion mounts: EQ8, EQ8-R, HDX110, AZ-EQ5GT, Sirius Pro AZ/EQ-G, AZ-EQ6GT, Orion Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G, Atlas II EQ-G , EQ6-R PRO, NEQ6, HEQ5, EQ5, EQ4, AzGTi, and others.